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Teaching Plan S2A Chapter 2

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Chapter Two Fashion



1 teach the students how to write a story from pictures


1 Show several pictures to the students. Illustrate each one to the students, and let them arrange the order to make a story.

2 Draw a conclusion: several notes should be paid attention to

You can give the people names.

You can describe what they are like, what they are wearing, and what they say.

Study the pictures carefully. Work out why these things are happening. What are the people doing and thinking.

Remember to use paragraphs.

Check your length carefully. Here you must write 200 words. Divide this up (roughly) between the four pictures.

3 Now write a story of about these four pictures. Imagine that you are the boy on the first picture. The other boy is called Jack. Your mother does not like Jack. Tell the story, using the pictures and the words and phrases below to help you.

Describe each picture using the given phrases

Write a story, adding a head

Chapter Two Fashion

More Language Input

Uniform fashion good for young students


1 get the main idea of the passage

2 explain the important expressions

3 enhance the students to discuss the topic “Are you favor of the policy of students’ uniform?”


1 Read the passage to get the main idea

  Main idea: Uniform fashion is good for young students.

2 Questions and Answers

Who praised the student uniforms?

Are the students affected by the policy?

Can you tell us the advantage of wearing the school uniform?

3 Finish the exerciseA1, A2

4 Important Expressions


feel most pleased with the President’s comment

academic performance

a recent survey

see a positive side

judge you on your inner characteristics

5 Further thinking:


Are you in favour of the policy of students uniform?



Reduce the violence and discipline problems

Not everyone likes the design

Easy to judge a person

Cannot show everyone’s distinguishing feature

Easy to choose what to put on in the morning


6 Assignment

 Write a composition: Are you in favour of the policy of students uniform?


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