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S2A Chapter 3 教案

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Teaching Plan for Chapter three

XiNan Senior High School

Period 1

Teaching objectives:

1. to get a general idea what a practical joke is.

2. to improve students’ English speaking ability

3. to understand the usages of basic words and phrases.

Teaching Procedures:

Pre-chapter activities:

1. Read the cartoon of the chapter and discuss it with the students.

2. Let the students to do the Exercise A to make the students think further about the topic of the main passage and pay attention to the expressions on the cartoon character.



Ask them to look at the pictures title and first lines of each paragraph and try to answer the questions


Tell the students to scan the passage quickly for the information necessary to answer the questions.


1. Ask the students to read the whole passage and underline the new words in each paragraph.

2. Ask the questions of the passage

a. what is the definition of a practical jokes?

b. who will look silly or embarrassed after a practical joke?

c. who is Mr Potts ? why did his colleagues decide to play a joke on him?

d. describe Mr Potts’ hat .

e. Is the first hat they exchanged for the old one big or small? And what happened when Mr Potts wore it ?

f. why were his colleagues surprised the next day ? and what did they do again?

g. what is the result of the practical joke?


underline the phrases:

define …as play jokes on sb look silly/embarrassed be popular with regard sb as it so happened that a rather unpleasant ?looking green color proceed to his work reverse the process quite a bit larger exchange sth for sth as usual to one’s surprise replace with

at the end of the day in the end complain that no such disease.

Period 2~3

Language presentation

1. define

Some words are hard to define 定义, 解释

The powers of a judge are defined by law. 详细说明

definite adj.

definition n.

define … as 将… 描述为…

2. joke

have a joke with sb

play a joke on sb

make a joke

a practical joke

It’s no joke.

Tell jokes.

3. except / except for / besides

Nobody knew the way except Tom.<表示同类之间的关系,常与不定代词连用>

The bank opens every day except on Sunday.<接名词或代词,也可接副词和介词短语>

The roads are deserted, except for a few new cars.<用与非同类的排除>

There were many others besides Tom. <=in addition to >

4. embarrassed / embarrassing

The embarrassing comment made the naughty boy embarrassed.

5. a Mr Potts / the Mr Potts

6. regard… as / think…(as)/ consider…(as)

we all think of him as a wealthy man

we consider him an able man.

They regard my suggestion as a joke.

7. it so happened that…

it seems that…

it appears that…

it turns out that…

(cf. sth happen to sb / it occurred to sb that / sb occurred to do sth )

8. a rather unpleasant-looking green color


9. hang hung hung

hang hanged hanged

eg. He was hanged for murder

I hung my hat in the hall.

10. proceed to his desk

Proceed with his work

Proceed to do his work

11. exchange … for

she exchanged the red dress for a green one.

I exchanged gift with Bob at Christmas.

Exchange pounds for dollars (cf. replace dollars with pounds)

In exchange for 交换

Telephone exchange 电话局 the Stock Exchange 证券交易所

12.fix some paper round the inside of the hat 安放

Fix the radio 修理

fix one’s eyes on... 盯着


The paper is sticking to my hand. 粘住

If you stick to practicing thepiano every day ,you could become quite a good musician. 坚持

The needle stuck in my finger 刺

14.at the end of / by the end of / in the end

The shop is at the end of this street.

We will have finished chapter six by the end of this term.

We gave up in the end.

15.to one’s surprise.

To one’s relief

To one’s disappointment.

16.no such disease = not such a disease.

Period 4


1. except

Chose the correct choice:

a) Your composition is very good __________ some spelling mistakes.

b) We’ll go picnic _________ it rains that day.

c) I don’t think it’s a good idea to go out in such a dark night; _______, it is raining outside

d) Everyone has got a book _________ me .

A besides B except C except for D except that

2. embarrassed





2. regard

I always _________ john to be an honest person and I _________ him as a good friend of mine.

A consider…regard B think of … regard

C look on … consider D look upon … consider about


1) 当悬挂在屋顶上的吊灯掉下时,碰巧当时没有人。



1) She is ________ too sure of herself.

2) the first part is ________ easy for you to finish, but the second part I’m afraid it is _______ difficult .

5. .Translation:


6. exchange

用replace 改写下列句子

1) he exchanged his dollars for pounds

2) he gave me ten stamps in exchange for a box of chocolates.

7. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of verbs

1) The teacher came into the classroom, ________ a book in his hand.

2) The teacher brought a book, _________ into the classroom and began to have a class.< come>

3) The teacher came into the classroom, only _______ there was no one.

Period 5


Period 6~7


1. the simple past tense

2. the past continuous tense

3. the past perfect tense

4. connectives of time ( in the end at that moment at last then the next day before that at this point ….)

5. It 的用法

1) 用作人称代词

2) 代替指示代词this/ that 及人或物

3) 指环境情况

4) 指时间季节

5) 指距离

6) 作形式主语

It is not a good habit to stay up late.

It is no use crying over split milk.

It is a pity that you didn’t read the book.

7) 作形式宾语

I made it a rule to read English every day for half an hour.

I would appreciate it if you could do it for me.

People took it for granted that the earth was the centre of the universe.

She’ll see to it that he goes ahead.

6. 用于强调句

It was in 1949 that people’s republic of China was founded.

What is it that he wants to see?

7. 用于以下句型中:

It seems/appears/looks/happens/ occurs to sb that….

Period 8




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