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how to tackle complex multiple choices

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  1.Who would you rather have ____with you?

  A. go   B. to go    C. gone      D. going

  2.Is this book ___you bought yesterday?

  A. that   B. which   C. one D. the one


  1题可改为You would rather have who ____with you.这样该题就不难了。

  2题可改为This book is ____ you bought yesterday.



  3. Ways must be thought of ____the balance of nature.

  A. keep B. keeping C. to keep D. being kept


3题可改为We must think of ways _____the balance of nature.



  4. What great difficulty we had ____ her.

A. persuade B. to persuade C. persuading   D. persuaded

5. How pleased the emperor was _____what the cheats said

A. hearing B. heard  C. hear D. to hear


  4题可改为We had a great difficulty _____ her.

  5题可改为The emperor was very pleased _____what the cheats said.



  6. It was ____the old bike that the old man spent the whole evening at home.

  A. repairing   B. to repair C. repair D. repaired


  6题可改为The old man spent the whole evening ______the old bike at home.



7.--What made him sad--_______.

  A. He failed again B. Because he failed again   C. That he failed again.   D. To fail again.

8. The girl is very shy and never speaks until _____ to.

  A. spoken   B. speaking   C. speak     D. be   spoken

  9. Could you give us the reason why you didn't do as_____.

  A. were told   B. to be told   C. told   D. told to


  7题可改为______made him sad.

  8题可改为The girl is very shy and never speaks until she is______.

  9题可改为Could you give us the reason why you didn't do as you were_____



  10. On the grass ____two sheep.

  A. lies B. lie C. lying D. laid

  11. To all of us ____the honor for success..

  A. belong to   B. belongs to   C. belongs D. belong

12. The home improvements have taken what little there is ____my spare time.

  A. from   B. in   C. of   D. at


  10题可改为Two sheep ____on the grass.

  11题可改为The honor for success ______to all of us.

  12题可改为The home improvements have taken what little ____my spare time the re is.



  13.Is this the bike you wish to________

  A. have repaired it B. have it repaired    C. have repaired   D. repair  it

  14.The boy I considered  ____cheated  in the exam.

  A. being honest   B. to be honest   C. was   honest    D. that is honest

  15.In the darkness there wasn't as ingle person _____she could turn for help.

A. that   B. who C. from  whom  D. to   whom


  13题可改为Is this the bike You wish to have it repaired.但注意改为定语从句时要去掉指代先行词的it

  14题可改为The boy cheated  in the exam. I con side red him to be honest.

15题可改为In the darkness there wasn't a single person. She could turn to him for help.


增难方式8: 增加标点符号

16.Peter has many friends, ____can help him.

   A. few of which   B. few of whom      C. few of that    D. few of them

17. The man worked late into the night, _____along report for the minister.

  A. to prepare   B. preparing   C. prepared    D. was   preparing

18. Tom,_____ sure to come to morrow.

  A. is    B. was   C. would be   D. be

19.Email as well as telephone ______an important part in daily communication.

   A. is playing   B. are playing   C. have played    D. play

  20. John plays football _____,if not better than David.

  A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as

  21.______down the radiothe baby's asleep in the next door.

   A. Turing   B. Turn C. Turned D. To turn











  22. I'm sorry I can't help _____the floor of the classroom.

  A. sweeping   B. swept C. sweep  D. to sweeping

  23. This is the very room ____I slept in that evening.

  A. that   B. which   C. where D. at which

  24. I like football.  ____ my sister and me.

  A. So do    B. So are   C. So did    D. So it is with

  25.It's  warm today ____ March.

  A. for B. in    C. during    D. on

26 The man I spoke _____no answer.

  A. to make    B. to made   C. made   D. of making

27. The way he thought of ____the problem is quite good.

  A. solving B. to solve C. solved D. solve

  28. The country life he was used to____ greatly since the opening policy.

  A. change    B. has changed   C. changing    D. having   changed









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