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Tendency of 2006 College Entrance English Examination

作者/来源:中国中学 黎秀华    发布时间:2005-10-31

Tendency of 2006 College Entrance English Examination

On Oct.19th , in China High School, the researcher fellow Meng Sha conveyed important information on the English College Entrance Examination to the senior  Grade 3 teachers of English working in Xuhui District.

At the meeting, teacher Meng gave an accurate and detailed account of the research findings that were provided by those authoritative experts and specialists on English language testing. On the basis of scientific analysis of the students’ examination performances in 2005 English College Entrance Examination, she related the tendency of the examination in the coming year. It goes as


1.       Since the validity and reliability of the 2005 English College Entrance Examination is confirmed, the types of the assessment problems as well as the depth of them the next year will be consistent with those in 2005.

2.       The domains of cloze ,reading and writing will cover a wide range of knowledge or themes, closely related to social life and familiar to students.

3.       The grammar section will involve scattering language points.

4.       The test will assess the students’ language skills more than just language knowledge.

In addition, teacher Meng strongly recommend the teachers to show concern to word spelling, reading instruction and writing.




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