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Observing and Evaluating Lectures

作者/来源:中国中学 黎秀华    发布时间:2005-10-31

Observing and Evaluating Lectures

On Oct.19th, organized by the researcher fellow--- teacher Zhu Shiwei, the entire teachers of senior Grade I gathered in Xuhui High School to observe a lecture entitled “What Is Advertising” ,presented by Cao Lingxian. Afterwards, the participants cardinally discussed and evaluated the lecture expressing their personal opinions on reading instruction.

On the same day, when No. 54 High School was marking its 50th anniversary, English teacher Ding Huiqing celebrated her beloved school by giving a lecture entitled “English New Reading” Regardless of tiredness, teacher Yang Lanshi hurried there and gave her moral support after a tight schedule in China School.

By observing and evaluating lectures, the instructional skills or techniques together with instructional theory have been promoted to a great extend.




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