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Reading Instruction Has His Day

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Reading Instruction Has His Day

When another golden autumn was embracing China High School, with the fresh breeze came the host of teachers of senior Grade Three, over 50, from the different schools in Xuhui District under the leadership of   the research fellow --- Yang Lanshi and Meng Sha. There and then did they gather in search of a better way of practicing reading instruction.      On this visit, the teachers aimed to discuss the reading instruction.

TeacherYang ever said, “As the education reform has moved on and come to the third stage, accordingly the Nations College Entrance Examination has shifted its focus of evaluation, more aimed at assessing students’ language skills than language knowledge. ”It has long been her concern. She addressed that the Traditional English instructional modes are challenged; and that for a long time in history, influenced by the modes, teachers have put more emphasis on grammar instruction, neglecting to cultivate and nourish the reading comprehension of the students. But how to make a smooth transition from the knowledge instruction to skills development approach is a tough problem.

As a attempt to find the way to solve this problem, teacher Yang and Meng arranged for two lectures to take place in China School. The two lectures presented by Li Xiuhua and Qiufei, are  respectively entitled “How to Deal With the Long and Difficult Sentences ” and “A Cultural Difference”. They were aimed to explore the reading instruction from the different perspectives. These successul presentations owed a lot to the valuable constructive guidelines and proposals made by teacher Meng and Yang.

These two lectures were just the first tentative steps to develop the theories and approaches of reading instruction. In the near future, under the guidance of the research fellow, more and more teachers will join the efforts in pursuit of rewarding reading instruction.




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