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6A Module 2 Unit 1

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Analysis of the teaching material


1  The topic of this unit is “People’s job”. Students, they haven’t their jobs yet. But I think it will be a very interesting topic if we allow them to envision their future jobs.

2  By learning this unit, students can know about many names of jobs. It offers a good chance for them to practise oral expression by talking about their parents’ jobs and the jobs they like to do when they grow up.

3  I think it will be helpful to create a real life scene for students to do a role play which is similar to the text. It’s vivid so that can help them remember these useful expressions easily and master the way of changing those first person statements into the third person statements.


Module 2  My neighbourhood

Unit 1  Peolple’s jobs



A short poem     

It's a dog ,
Sitting on a log,
Waiting for a frog,
Just for a talk.
It's a bear,
Sitting on a chair,
Combing its hair,
And holding a pear.


Pre-task preparation

1  Introduce my job to students in a brief way:

I’m a teacher. I teach English in a middle school.

I like English. I like to share my knowledge with my students.

2  Ask students what jobs do their parents do?

And meanwhile review and introduce some names of jobs to students

  teacher, postman, lawyer, doctor, clerk, salesman, manager, shop assistant, accountant, actor, adviser, barber/hair stylist, chef, chemist, dancer, designer, detective, engineer, boss, entrepreneur, fireman, gardener, guide, interpreter, librarian, novelist, painter, pianist, pilot, poet, policeman, professor, secretary.

Write: S1’s father is a _________

      S1’s mother is a__________

3 Ask: Do you know what do they usually do in their company/factory/hospital/middle school…?

         Do you like their jobs? When you grow up, what kind of jobs would you like to do?

4  Play the recording, this time, students follow in their own books and

read to themselves

5        Ask students to close their books. I read out the statements in “Answer T/ F ” to them. Ask them to try to remember these 4 statements and to check if they are true in the following listening.

6        Play the recording again(books are closed)

7        Read these statements one by one, if it’s true, students raise their hands; if false, clap their hands.




While-task procedure

1  Pair work: List some jobs: teacher, doctor, salesman, hair stylist, chef, etc.

  Ask each student to choose one as their job in the future and talk to their deskmates about their jobs.

2        Group work: Many years later, they come back to this school, and talk to some students in Grade 6. Ask students to form groups of four, one to act as the alumnus/alumna, the other two are students in Grade 6. And the last student is an aside, he needs to change their first person’s conversation into the third person’s narration.(remind them to refer to the text)

I need to give them some instructions during their preparation.

   Invite several groups to come out to the front and act it out.

   Ask students to vote for the best.



1 oral:

read and recite the text

2 written:

copy the new vocabulary

workbook p8




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