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6A Module 2 Unit 1, pp17, 18

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Analysis of Unit 1, Module 2

In terms of the teaching content, this unit seems to have less to do with the students in year 6 than it does with their parents and other seniors. However it can help them design their future by learning the nature of different jobs. Thus if it is handled properly, it will arouse students’ great interest.

In terms of grammatical knowledge, students are required to learn such sentence patterns as “What do you do?”, “What job do you usually do?” “What do you want to be?”, “I like to do…..”. There seems so much for students to master, but most of the sentences have been a little bit familiar to them. So the teacher should especially tell the students those easy-to- be-wrong points. For example, the usage of “ What do you want to be?” and “What job do you want to do?” Here students may mix the “be” and “do”.

In terms of teaching activities, the can make adopt pair work to make dialogues, group to make surveys and interviews. By doing them, students can put the sentence patterns into practice and at the same time they can have a better understanding of their new classmates or their parents.




          Teaching plan of Unit 1, Module 2

Teaching objectives:

1. language focus

to learn more words about jobs on page 17 and page 18

to learn the sentence patterns “What job do you do?”

  “What do you usually do?”

 “I like to…”

to learn the transformation from the first person to the third person

2. language skills

listening: to listen for general information

speaking: to use the learned sentence patterns in daily life

Teaching material: a computer and a tape-recorder

Teaching procedure

I. Warming-up

An English song about the job policeman

I’m a policeman dressed in blue.

Here are something I like to do.

Direct the traffic in your town.

Help to keep you safe and sound.


It’s my job and I like it fine.

No one has a better job than mine.

I’m a policemen dressed in blue.

I want to be a friend of you.

You can see me everyday.

I’ll wave my hand and say.

In this step, the students are required to fill the underlined words while listening, then they will sing with the tape together.

II. Pre-task preparation

i. Present the words about jobs by having students guess them.

1.     people who usually put out fires. (fireman)

2.     people who make sick people better. (doctor)

3.     people who cook food( cook)

4.     people who teach children (teacher)

5.     people who make the city a safe place. (policeman/policewoman)

6.     people who grow food ( farmer)

7.     people who sell things to people (shop assistant)

8.     people who catch fish ( fisherman)

9.     people who bring food to people (waiter/waitress)

10. people who fly a plane (pilot)

11. people who flies a spacecraft. ( astronaut)

 (The last five words may be quiet for most students.)

ii. read the words in chorus

1.     fireman/firemen                2. doctor

3.     cook                               4. teacher

5.     policeman/policemen       6. policewoman/ policemen

7.     farmer                            8. shop assistant

9.     fisherman/fishermen        10. waiter/waitress

11.pilot                               12. (an) astronaut

(In this part, the teacher will tell the students the points they should pay special attention to such as the transformation from singular nouns to plural ones the spelling of some words.)

III. While-task procedure

i. The teacher ask the students two questions “ What job do I do?” and “What do I usually do ?” to lead in the text.

ii. Pre-listening preparations

  The teacher give the students a new word: fire-engine

iii. Listen to the tape and tell the job and the thing Mark’s father usually does and whether he likes it or not. When the students give the correct answer, the teacher will show it on the ppt. One after another as follows.

fireman/ drive fire-engine and put out fires/ like the job/ like to put out fires and help people

iv. Ask a student to take the role of Mark’s father and say something about his jobs with the key words above.

v. Ask a student to make a report about Mark’s father’s job in third person .

vi. Reading

1.     read after the tape in chorus

2.     role reading (Mark’s father, Student 1. Student 2, Student 3, narrator)

vii. Teacher-student activity to practice “What does your father/mother/ usually do?”, “What does he/she usually do?” “Does he like his/her job?”.

Student: He/She is a/an…..

       He/She usually …..

       He/She likes to…….

IV. Post-task activity

An interview

The students are required to interview his/her partner about his/her parents’ jobs and then to make report in third person to the whole class.

V. Homework

1.     Copy the news words and phrases and memorize them.

2.     Write at least 4 sentences about their parents’ jobs.



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