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Part Vocabulary and Structure

41. She ought to stop workshe has a headache because she ______ too long.

A) has been reading B) had read C) is reading D) read



42. Niagara Falls is a great tourist ______ drawing millions of visitors every year.

A) attention B) attraction C) appointment D) arrangement



43. I don't mind ______ the decision as long as it is not too late.

A) you to delay making B) your delaying making C) your delaying to make D) you delay to make



44. The hopes goalsfears and desires widely between men and womenbetween the rich and the poor.

A) alter B) shift C) transfer D) vary



45. Corn originated in the New World and thus was not known in Europe until Columbus

found it ______ in Cuba.

A) being cultivated B) been cultivated C) having cultivated D) cultivating



46. The sale usually takes place outside the house,with the audience _____ on benches

chairs or boxes.

A) having seated B) seating C) seated D) having been seated


   [答案及分析]C。动词seat是及物动词,如:seat sb.on the bench,因此这里要用过去分词seated来修饰audience

47. This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen ______ comfortably.

A) is worn B) wears C) wearing D) are worn



48.Some diseases are _____ by certain water animals.

A) transplanted B) transformed C) transported D) transmitted



49. Wouldn't you rather your child _______ to bed early?

A) go B) went C) would go D) goes


   [答案及分析]B。动词短语would rather后跟宾语从句时,从句的动词要用过去时。属固定用法。

50. Although Anne is happy with her success she wonders _____ will hap pen to her

private life.

A) that B) what C) it D) this



51. The words of his old teacher left a _____ impression on his mind.He is still

influenced by them.

A) long B) lively C) lasting D) liberal



52. Mike's uncle insists ______ in this hotel.

A) staying not B) not to stay C) that he would not stay D) that he not stay


   [答案及分析]D。动词insist有两种用法:insist on(upon)+doing;insist+宾语从句。若其后跟宾语从句,从句谓语用(should)do

53. We agreed to accept ______ they thought was the best tourist guide.

A) whatever B) whomever C) whichever D) whoever


   [答案及分析]D。该题考点是:they thought是插入语,不占句子成分。因此,选whoever,而不选whomever

54. It is our ______ policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means.

A) consistent B) continuous C) considerate D) continual



55. Between 1974 and 1997the number of overseas visitors expanded ______ 27%.

A) by B) for C) to D) in



56. Although many people view conflict as badconflict is sometimes useful it forces

people to test the relative merits of their attitudes are behaviors.

A) by which B) to which C) in that D) so that


   [答案及分析]Cin that是固定搭配,意思是“既然,因为”。that引导介词in的宾语从句。

57. He is ______ about his chances of winning a gold medal in the Olympics next year.

A) optimistic B) optional C) outstanding D) obvious



58. Sometimes I wish I ______ in a different time and a different place .

A) be living B) were living C) would live D) would have lived



59. The director was critical ______ the way we were doing the work.

A) at B) in C)of D) with


   [答案及分析]C。短语“be critical of”意思是“对……感到不满的,苛求的”。

60. In a sudden ______ of angerthe man tore up everything within reac h.

A) attack B) burst C) split D) blast


   [答案及分析]B。名词短语a(sudden)burst of的意思是:(突然)一阵……。

61. ______ she realized it was too late to go home.

A) No sooner it grew dark than B) Hardly did it grow dark that

C) Scarcely had it grown dark than D) It was not until dark that


   [答案及分析]D。该题是强调句型:It was+被强调部分+that+句子其它部分。

62. In Britain people ______ four million tons of potatoes every year.

A) swallow B) dispose C) consume D) exhaust



63. I'd ______ his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community

and then make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan.

A) take into account B) account for C) make up for D) make out


   [答案及分析]A。词义辨析题。take into account“考虑到”,make up for“补偿”,account for“说明”,make out“列出、填写”。

64.It is essential that these application forms ______ back as early as possible.

A) must be sent B) will be sent C) are sent D) be sent


   [答案及分析]DIt is essential that+宾语从句,从句谓语要用(should)do的形式。

65. She cooked the meat for a long time so as to make it ______ enough to eat.

A) mild B) slight C) light D) tender



66. We take our skin for granted until it is burned ______ repair.

A) beyond B) for C) without D) under


   [答案及分析]Abeyond repair的意思是“超出修补可能范围之外,无法修补”。

67. The computer revolution may well change society as ______ as did the Industrial


A) certainly B) insignificantly C) fundamentally D) comparatively



68. ______ in this waythe situation doesn't seem so disappointing.

A) To look at B) Looking at C) Looked at D) To be looked at



69. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen.They are a thorough ______ .

A) nuisance B) trouble C) worry D) anxiety



70. Some women ______ a good salary in a job instead of staying homebut they decided

not to work for the sake of the family.

A) must make B) should have made C) would make D) could have made



21. As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to _______it.

A) postpone B) refuse C) delay D) cancel



22. these books, which you can get at any bookshop, will give you _______ you need.

A) all the information B) all the informations C) all of information D) all of the informations



23. Not until the game had begun_______ at the sports ground.

A) had he arrived B) would he have arrived

C) did he arrive D) should he have arrived


   [答案及分析]Cnot until提前,主句要倒装,而且主句时态用过去时,until引导的从句用过去完成时。

24. Young people are not _______ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in.

A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous


   [答案及分析]Bconservative“保守的”,confident“自信的”,content“满足的”,generous“慷慨的”,根据题意,应该用be content to“满足于”。

25. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is _______.

A) granted B) implied C) exaggerated D) remedied



26. These surveys indicate that many crimes go _______ by the police, mainly because

not all victims report them.

A) unrecorded B) to be unrecorded C) unrecording D) to have been unrecorded



27. I have no objection _______ your story again.

A) to hear B) to hearing C) to having heard D) to have heard


   [答案及分析]Bhave(no)objection toobject to的结构一样,后接名词或动名词,这句话时态是现在时,to之后没有必要用动名词的完成式。

28. The clothes a person wears may express his _______ or social position.

A) curiosity B) status C) determination D) significance


   [答案及分析]Bcuriosity“好奇心”,determination“决心”,status“身份,地位”,significance“意义”。根据social position,可知应选“身份,地位”。

29. By law, when one makes a large purchase, he should have _______ opportunity to

change his mind.

A) accurate B) urgent C) excessive D) advertising



30. You will see this product _______ wherever you go.

A) to be advertised B) advertised C) advertise D) advertising



31. The early pioneers had to _______ many hardships to settle on the new land.

A) go along with B) go back on C) go through D) go into


   [答案及分析]C。经历困难:go through hardships

32. The suggestion that the mayor _______ they prizes was accepted by everyone.

A) would present B) present C) presents D) ought to present


   [答案及分析]Bsuggestion后跟的同位语从句与suggest后跟的宾语从句一样,用虚拟语气should do,should可以省略。

33. Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, _______ overall consumption is significantly higher than that of women.

A) whose B) which C) that D) what


   [答案及分析]A。划线部分在定语从句中做overall consumption的定语,因此用whose,male drinkers'

34. Peter, who had been driving all day, suggested _______ at the next town.

A) to stop B) stopping C) stop D) having stopped


   [答案及分析]Bsuggest的用法有:suggest+that从句;suggest sb.to do sth.;suggest doing

35. I didn't know the word. I had to _______ a dictionary.

A) look out B) make out C) refer to D) go over


   [答案及分析]Crefer to a dictionary“查字典”;look out“注意,小心”;make out“理解,列出”;go over“复习”。

36. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds _______ his arguments in favour

of the new theory.

A) to be based on B) to base on C) which to base on D) on which to base


   [答案及分析]D。由介词短语on which引导的定语从句做grounds的后置定语。

37. There are signs _______ restaurants are becoming more popular with families.

A) that B) which C) in which D) whose



38. I think I was at school, _______ I was staying with a friend doring the vacation

when I heard the news.

A) or else B) and then C) or so D) even so


   [答案及分析]Aor else“要不然”,表示不确定。

39. It is said that the math teacher seems _______ towards bright students.

A) partial B) beneficial C) preferable D) liable


   [答案及分析]Abe partial towards“对……偏心”。

40. In order to show his boss what a careful worker he was, he took _______ trouble

over the figures.

A) extensive B) spare C) extra D) supreme



41. --"May I speak to your manager Mr. Williams at five o'clock tonight?"

--"I'm sorry. M. Williams _______ to a conference long before then."

A) will have gone B) had gone C) would have gone D) has gone




42. You _______ him so closely; you should have kept your distance.

A) shouldn't follow B) mustn't follow

C) couldn't have been following D) shouldn't have been following



43. The growth of parta2time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, _______ more women to take advantage of employment opportunities.

A) have allowed B) allow C) allowing D) allows


   [答案及分析]D。该句的主语是the growth,介词of引导的只是主语的定语部分,因此谓语动词应该用第三人称单数。

44. Everybody _______ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.

A) assembled B) accumulated C) piled D) joined



45. Putting in a new window will _______ cutting away part of the roof.

A) include B) involve C) contain D) comprise



46. Living in the western part of the country has its problems, _______ obtaining

fresh water is not the least.

A) with which B) for which C) of which D) which


   [答案及分析]C。介词短语of which引导定语从句,修饰problems

47. In the _______ of the project not being a success, the investors stand to lose up to $30 million.

A) face B) time C) event D) course


   [答案及分析]Cin the event thatin the event of“如果……发生的话”。

48. The manager would rather his daughter _______ in the same office.

A) had not worked B) not to work C) does not work D) did not work


   [答案及分析]D。根据习惯,would rather后面所跟的宾语从句,其谓语动词用过去时。

49. _______, he does get annoyed with her sometimes.

A) Although much he likes her B) Much although he likes her

C) As he likes her much D) Much as he likes her


   [答案及分析]Dmuch as he like her等于:although he likes her much

50. The British constitution is _______ a large extent a product of the historical

events described above.

A) within B) to C) by D) at


   [答案及分析]Bextent常与介词to连用,如to some extent“在某种程度上”to the full extent of one's power“竭尽全力”等力。


41. It is important that the hotel receptionist that guests are registered correctly.

A make sure B made sure C must make sure D has made sure

[答案与分析]A 。以important等为中心词连接的表语从句中谓语动词应用should+动词原形形式,且should常省去。

42. I suggested he should himself to his new conditions.

A adapt Bsuit C regulate D adopt

[答案与分析]D 。“建议他应当调整自己以适应新环境”,adopt收养、采纲;suit相配;regulate调节;adapt使适应,故选D

43. I'll never forget you for the first time.

A to meet B to have met C meeting D having to be meeting

[答案与分析]C forget to do sth.表示忘了将做某事,forget doing sth.表示忘了已做的事,此题应用后者。

44. Cancellation of the flight many passengers to spend the night at

the airport.

A obliged B resulted C demanded D recommended


45. That young man still denies the fire behind the store.

A start B having started C to start D to have started

[答案与分析]B deny+动名词,此题谓语动词所表示的动作已做过,故用动名词的完成式。

46. in a recent science competition, the three students were awarded

scholarships totaling $21,000.

A To be judged the best B Judging the best C Judged the best D Having judged the best

[答案与分析]C “在最新的科学竞赛中,被评为最佳的三位学生获得了奖学金”,所以judge用被动语态。

47. Without proper lessons, you could a lot of bad habits when playing the piano.

A keep up B draw up C pick up D catch up

[答案与分析]C “没有严格的课程训练,你弹钢琴可能会养成一些不好的习惯”,keep up维持;pick up获得;catch up追上;draw up停住。

48. Everything we eat and drink contains some salt; we can meet the body's need for it from natural sources without turning the salt bottle.

A to B up C on D over

[答案与分析]A “无须求助于盐瓶,我们可从天然资源中获取盐份”,turn to sth.求助于某物。

49. He always did well at school having to do part-time jobs every now and then.

A regardless of B in spite of C on account of D in case of

[答案与分析]B “尽管他在学校不时地做点兼职工作,他成绩总是很好”,选in spite of表示做了难以做到的事。

50. receiving financial support from family, community or the government is allowed, it is never admired.

A As B Once C Lest DAlthough

[答案与分析]D 解此题的关键只需弄懂结构,前面有…is allowed,后面接着说it is never admired,可见,应是一种转折关系,故用although

51. All the key words in the article are printed in type so as to at

tract readers' attention.

A dark B dense C bold D black

[答案与分析]D 此题考生容易误选Dblack,但“粗体”一定要用bold,也不能用dense密集的,浓厚的。

52. The basic features of the communication process are identified in one question: Who says through what channel to whom?

Awhat B when Chow D such

[答案与分析]A “沟通过程的基本特征可以用一个问题来鉴别;何人通过何种方式对谁说?what在此相当于the things that

53. I didn't to take a taxi but I had to as I was late.

A mean B suppose C assume D hope

[答案与分析]A 此题较为简单,只需记住短语mean to do sth.打算做某事即可。

54. The hours the children spend in their one-way relationship with

television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people.

A in which B on which C that D when

[答案与分析]C 该题须辨别出同位语从句即可,the children spend in their one-way relationship with television peoplethe hours起解释作用。

55. I'd rather have a room of my own, however small it is, than a room with someone else.

A sharing B to share C share D to have shared

[答案与分析]C 此句明显为比较句,故谓语动词的形式上应保持一致。因前面为have,故后面也用动词原形share

56. In Disneyland, every year, some 800,000 plants are replaced because Disney refused to signs asking his guests not to step on them.

A put down B put out C put off D put up

[答案与分析]D “迪士尼乐园每年有80万棵植物需重新种植,因为他们不愿挂上禁止游客践踏的牌子”,此题很明显选D

57. difficulties we may come across, we'll help one another to overcome them.

A Wherever B Whenever C However D Whatever

[答案与分析]D “无论我们遇到了什么困难,我们要彼此帮助去克服它”,选D whatever无论什么。

58. So many directors , the board meeting had to be put off.

A were absent B been absent C had been absent D being absent

[答案与分析]A 此题迷惑性较强,如果前有with,则选B,用分词的独立主格结构。

59. On New Year's Eve, New York City holds an outdoor which attracts a crowd of a million or more people.

A incident B affair C case D event

[答案与分析]D 该题关键是“户外活动”的表达法:outdoor event, affair表重大事件,incident多指事故,case常指案例。

60. American football and baseball are becoming known to the British public through televised from the United States.

A transfer Btransmissions C transportation D deliveries

[答案与分析]B “电视转播”为televised transmissions,其它三项deliveries递送,transfer转移,transportation运送,都不符合题意。

61. He will surely finish the job on time he's left to do it in his own way.

A in that B as far as C in case D so long as

 [答案与分析]D。“只要让他按自己的方式去做,他准会按时完成工作”,故选Dso long as只要。

62. If this kind of fish becomes , future generations may never taste it at all.

Ascarce B short C seldom D minimum

[答案与分析]A 此题很明显填scarce,稀有的。

63. The bank is reported in the local newspaper in broad daylight yesterday.

A being robbed B to have been robbed C having been robbed D robbed

[答案与分析]B report常与to连用,表示“报道,报导”之意,此题虽为被动语态,但to不能丢。

64. Agriculture was a step in human progress which subsequently ther

e was not anything comparable until our own machine age.

A to B for  C in D from


65. The same factors push wages and prices up together, the one the other.

A increasing B reinforcing C multiplying D emphasizing

[答案与分析]A 此题AC较难取舍,但increase表“增加”,与数量概念有关,但reinforce常用于表示“增强,增援”之意。

66. No one had told Smith about a lecture the following day.

A there was B there be C there would be D there being

[答案与分析]D 因为前有about,所以there by应该用分词形式,故选D

67. Operations which left patients and in need of long periods of recovery time now leave them feeling relaxed and comfortable.

A abandoned B exhausted C injured D deserted

[答案与分析]B 该题应注意有一种比较关系,“过去的手术令病人疲惫不堪,而且恢复期很长,如今令他们感到轻松舒适些了”,可见应选exhausted耗尽的,疲惫的,desert荒芜的,abandoned被抛弃的,都不适合。

68. I was halfway back to the cottage where my mother lived Susan caught up with me.

A until B while C when D though

[答案与分析]C when,表示at that time,就在那时。

69. the temperature falling so rapidly, we couldn't go on with the experiment.

A With B For C As D Since

[答案与分析]A 此题是典型的独立主格结构,只能选A

70. The bed has been in the family. It was my great grandmother's originally.

A handed out B handed over C handed round D handed down

[答案与分析]D hand down表示“经一代代人传下来之意”,此题毫无疑问应选此义项。

Part III

31. By the time he arrives in Beijing, we here for two days.

A)will have stayed C)have been staying

B)shall stay D)have stayed

[答案与分析]A by the time引导的是一个时间状语从句,表示将来某个时间,故主语应用将来完成时。此句意为当他到北京时,我们已经在这儿两天了。

32. According to the American federal government, residents of Hawaii have the longest life :77.2 years.

A)rank C)scale B)span D)scope

[答案与分析]B 此句意为根据美国联邦政府的统计,夏威夷居民的寿命更长,达77.2岁。表示寿命的固定词组是life span

33. The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, all practical value by the time they were finished.

A) had lost C)would lose B)would have lost D)should have lost

[答案与分析]B 此题为虚拟语气。意为如果手工来做上百万个计算,那么等到做完的时候也就没有实际意义了。

34. As a public relations officer, he is said some very influential people.

A) to know C)to have been knowing B) to be knowing D)to have known

[答案与分析]D 此句意为作为从事公共关系的官员,据说他认识一些非常有影响的人。“认识”这个动作发生在“说”之前,故有不定式的完成时。

35. Our hopes and fell in the same instant.

A)arose C)rose B)raised D)aroused

[答案与分析]C 。此句意为我们的希望在升起的同时坠落了。句中希望的升起应用不及物动词rise,全句为过去式,故选C

36. With the development in science and technology man can make various flowers before their time.

A) be bloomed C) bloomed B) bloom D)blooming

[答案与分析]B make后接不带to的动词不定式。

37. A season ticket _______the holder to make as many journeys as he wishes within the stated period of time.

A) entitles C)bloomed B) grants D)promises

[答案与分析]A 句意为定期车票可以让其持有人在指定的时间内多次旅行。Entitle意为给予权力。Present意为提出。Promise意为许诺。grant意为允许,准许,但其用法为:grant a favor/request;grant sb.permission/request to do sth.故选A

38. _______in the office had a mistake, and the firm regretted causing the customer inconvenience.

A) Someone C) Anyone B) Some D) One

[答案与分析]A 。此句意为。办公室的某个人犯了错误,以致公司给顾客带来了不便。

39. In recent years much more emphasis has been put developing the students productive skills.

A) onto C) over B) in D) on

[答案与分析]D 此句要填一介词,以构成介词+宾语的结构。句意为最近几年在发展学生的创造技能方面,提出了更多的重点。表示在……方面,用介词on.

40. Only a selected number of landladies in the neighbourhood have been allowed by the university to take in .

A) residents C) settlers B) lodgers D)inhabitants

[答案与分析]B landlady指女房东,lodger指房客。其他答案均与句意不符。

41. The fire was finally brought under control, but not extensive damage had been caused.

A) before C) after B) since D) as

[答案与分析]A 从句中的转折连词可以看出,大火虽被扑灭,但还是造成了巨大损失。故选A

42. Purchasing the new production line will be a deal for the company.

A) forceful C) favorite B) tremendous D)profitable

[答案与分析]D forceful意为有力的,tremendous意为极大的、巨在的,favorite意为喜爱的,profitable意为有利可图的。此句意为购买新的生产线,会给公司带来效益。

43. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert it means standing in a queue all night.

A) as if C) provided B) even if D) whatever

[答案与分析]B 此句意为Rod决定买一张音乐会的门票,即使这意味着要排一整夜队。As if好像,even if即使,provide假如,whatever无论……,符合句意的只有B

44. We hadn't met for 20 years, but I recognized her I saw her .

A) the moment C) the moment when

B) for the moment D) at the moment when

[答案与分析]A the moment是固定词组,常用做连词,表示一……就……之意。

45. Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak Chinese.

A) fluid C) fluent B) smooth D) flowing

[答案与分析]C fluid流动的,fluent流利的,smooth平滑的,flowing流动的、平滑的,只能选C

46. Government reports examination compositions legal documents and most business letters are the main situations formal language is used.

A) in which C) on which B) at what D) in that

[答案与分析]A 此句为定语从句。意为正式语体常用于政府工作报告,考试作文,法律文件及大多数商业信函。使用某种语言用介词in.因定语从句所代表的成份在句中做介词宾语,故用in which

47. Fifty years ago, wealthy people liked hunting wild animals for fun sightseeing.

A) rather than to go C) other than going B) more than going D) than to go

[答案与分析]C other than为固定用法。意为比……更……。又因是平行结构,故用动名词。

48. If the building project by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined.

A) being completed C) to be completed B) is completed D) completed

[答案与分析]C if引导的条件状语从句本身

49. He wrote an article criticizing the Greek poet and won and a scholarship.

A) faith C) fame B) status D) courage

[答案与分析]C fame名誉,faith信念,status身份、地位,courage勇气。句意为他写了一篇文章评论希腊诗人,为他赢得了名誉和奖学金。

50. Jack wishes that he business instead of history when he was in university.

A) studied C) had been studying B) study D) had studied

[答案与分析]D 此句为虚拟语气,表示对过去某事的希望。

51. The older New England villages have changed relatively little a gas station or two in recent decades.

A) except for C) except B) in addition to D) besides

[答案与分析]D 句意为在最近的几十年里,除了一两个加油站外那些位于新英格兰的老村子没有多大改变。besides除了(不包括在内)

52. The Car Club couldn't to meet the demands of all its members.

A) assume C) guarantee B) ensure D) confirm

[答案与分析]D 意为批准,确认。

53. Extensive reporting on television has helped to interest in a wide variety of sports and activities.

A) assemble C) yield B) generate D) gather

[答案与分析]B 此句意为电视上广泛的报道有助于在各种体育活动中创造利益。

54. The president promised to keep all the board members of how the negotiations were going on.

A) inform C) be informed B) informing D) informed

[答案与分析]D 此句结构为主谓宾+宾补,宾语处于被动状态故用过去分词。

55. Eating too much fat can heart disease and cause high blood pressure.

A) attribute to C) contribute to B) attend to D) devote to

[答案与分析]C contribute to为一固定短语,意为有助于,促成。句意为食用过量脂肪能诱发心脏病和高血压。

56. All the tasks ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week.

A) been fulfilled C) were fulfilled B) having been fulfilled D) had been fulfilled

[答案与分析]B all the tasks having been fulfilled ahead of time.是分词独立结构,在句中做状语,表原因。D之所以错是因为如果将D填入句中,人句无连接手段。

57. This article more attention to the problem of cultural interference in foreign language teaching and learning.

A) cares for C) allows for B) applies for D) calls for

[答案与分析]D call for意为呼吁。

58. He was punished he should make the same mistake again.

A) unless C) if B) provided D) lest

[答案与分析]D 本题考察连词。unless如果不,if如果,provided假如,lest以免,以防。

59. Petrol is refined from the oil we take out of the ground.

A) crude C) rude B)fresh D) original

[答案与分析]A 原油的原示法为crude oil.

60. in the United States, St. Louis has now become the 24th largest city.

A) being the fourth biggest city C) Once the fourth biggest city B) It was once the fourth biggest city D) The fourth biggest city it was

[答案与分析]C Once the fourth biggest city.在句中做同位语,起补充说明的作用。Once为副词,表示曾经。不选A的原因是现在分词短语在句中不能作同位语。

Part Vocabulary and Structure

21. Until them, his family _________ from him for six months.

  A) didn't hear    B) hasn't been hearing   C)hasn't heard D)hadn't heard


[答案及分析]:选择D。过去完成时可用于表示过去某时前已经发生并在继续发生的事,通常有一个   表示一段时间段状语,例如:“since+时间点”与“for+时间段”,可译为“自从……就  一直(已经)”,或“到……为止”。过去完成进行时与过去完成时的用法很相近,但它通常   表示一个持续到过去某时的动作。

22. The conference ______ a full week by the time it ends.

  A) must have lasted   B) will have lasted  C) would last   D)has lasted.


[答案及分析]:选择B。将来完成时表示一个持续到将来某时或某个动作发生时的动作,这样用时通常须有一个表示未来时间的状语,又如:By the time I leave school I shall have studied English six years.

23. Students or teachers can participate in excursions to lovely beaches around the island at regular ________.

  A) gaps        B) rate         C) length       C) intervals


[答案及分析]Dat intervals(of)是固定搭配,意为“每隔一段(时间或距离)”。如:During the march we took a rest at two-hour intervals(我们行军时,每隔两小时休息一次)gap意为“(墙壁,树篱等之)裂缝;缺口;空白;间隔;(思想,意见等之)悬隔,歧异;山峡;隘口”,gap通常不与at连用。at length也是一个习惯用法,相当于“in the end/at last”,意为“终于,最后;详细地”。rate作为名词,意为“比率,率”,at a/the rate of表示“以……比率”,at(this)that rate意为“照那样的话;照那种情形”。

24. Physics is ______ to the science which was called natural philosophy in history.

  A) alike       B) equivalent     C) likely     D) uniform



25. There's a man at the reception desk who seems very angry and I think he means ______ trouble.

  A) making     B) to make      C) to have made   D) having made



26. After the Arab states won independence, great emphasis was laid on expanding education, with girls as well as boys ______ to go to school.

  A) to be encouraged    B) been encouraged   C) being encouraged   D)be encouraged[译文]阿拉伯国家赢得独立后,十分重视发展教育,男孩和女孩都被鼓励去上学。


27. The new appointment of our president ______ from the very beginning of next semester.

  A) takes effect    B) takes part      C) takes place  D)takes turns


   [答案及分析]:选择A。本题测试点是动词短语的用法。take effect意为“生效,奏效;实施,实行;起作用”。又如:His appointment takes effect from March 1.(他的任命自31日起生效)take place表示“发生;进行”。take part(in)意为“参加,协助”。take turns意为“轮流”。只有[A]与句意吻合。

28. The president made a _______ speech at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, which encouraged the sportsmen greatly.

  A) vigorous        B) tedious        C) flat         D) harsh



29. It is useful to be able to predict the extent ______ which a price change will affect supply and demand.

  A) from            B) with            C) to          D) for[译文]全预测价格变化对供求的影响程度很有用。


30. Finding a job in such a big company has always been ______ his wildest dreams.

  A) under           B) over            C) above       D) beyond


   [答案及分析]:选择D。本题测试点是介词用法。beyond意为“超出;出乎;为……所不及”。如:Your work is beyond all praise,so good that it can't be praised enough.(你的作品叫人赞扬不尽)。又如:We succeeded beyond our hopes,were more successful than we had hoped to be.(我们获得如此之成功,是我们如料不及的)

31. It is not easy to learn English well, but if you ______, you will succeed in the end.

  A) hang up         B) hang about      C) hang on     D) hang onto


   [答案及分析]:选择C。本题测试点是动词短语的用法。hang up意为“挂起来”,hang about表示“闲待着;徘徊”介词onto相当于on to,用于元音之前或之尾。hang onto意为“紧握某物”,而且的面应跟宾语。hang on表示“紧握,坚忍”。

32. It is reported that ______ adopted children want to know who their natural parents are.

  A) the most        B) most of         C) most        D) the most of


   [答案及分析]:选择Cmost作形容词时,有“大多数,大部分”的意思,用作此义时不如定冠词。又如:Most people fear pain(大多数人都怕痛)He was ill most of the summer.(那年夏天他大部分时间都在病中)the most+复数名词或不可数名词意为“最多数的;最大量的;最高程度的”。

33. Last year the advertising rate ______ by 20 percent.

  A) raised          B) aroused          C) arose      D) rose


   [答案及分析]:选择D。本题测试点是近义动词的辨析。raise是及物动词,意为“举起,升起”,后面需跟宾语。arosearise的过去时形式,arise是不及物动词,表示“发生,出现,呈现;产生;起身,起来,起立”,意思与本题不符。arouse是及物动词但意思是:“唤起,唤醒;引起;鼓励,鼓舞,激起,激励;(性方面)刺激”。rose是不及物动词rise的过去式,可表示“上升,上涨”。又如:Prices continue to rise(物价继续上涨)。只有D项与句意吻合。

34. ______ before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.

  A) Had they arrived  B) Would they arrive  C) Were they arriving   D)Were they to arrive


   [答案及分析]:选择D。虚拟语气在表示与将来事实相反,或实现可能性不大的假设时,从句的谓语用过去时,were+动词不定式,或用should+动词原形;主句谓语用should,would,could,might+动词原形。另外,如果虚拟句中的条件从句中包含有were,had,should,could,连词有时可以省略,这时条件从句要用倒装语序,即把谓语动词或其中一部分(如助动词,系动词be)移到主语前面,这种结构用于书面语。如:Were they to get married,they would not be happy.

35. The strong storm did a lot of damage to the coastal villages:several fishing boats were ______ and many houses collapsed.

  A) wrecked      B) spoiled       C) torn         D) injured


   [答案及分析]:选择Awreck意为“破 坏,毁坏;(尤指船遭受暴风雨袭击所造成的)船难;失事;遭难”。spoil意为“使无用或不令人满意;损坏,破坏;宠坏,溺爱,姑息”。torntear的过去分词,意为“撕,扯;撕碎,扯破”,不仅时态不合题意,意义也不吻合。injure则意为“损害,损伤,伤害”。可见,A项与句子吻合。

36. The little man was ______ one metre fifty high.

  A) almost more than   B) hardly more than    C) nearly more than   D)as much as


   [答案及分析]:选择Bmore than前面加上否定词no,scarcely,nothing,little,hardly等用来表示“仅……而已”。

37. As ______ announced in today's papers, the Shanghai Export Commodities Fair is also open on Sundays.

  A) being         B) is          C) to be          D) been


   [答案及分析]:选择Bas作为关系代词,可以引出一个从句,承接前面主句的内容或引出后续主句的内容。as在从句中可作主语。在本句中,as起主语的作用。isannounced一起构成从句的谓语。有时,助动词is可省略。例如:As(is)reported in today's papers,the president will be back in the capital.

38. You see the lightning _______ it happens, but you hear the thunder later.

  A) the instant   B) for an instant    C) on the instant  D) in an instant


   [答案及分析]:选择A。本题测试instant作为名词的用法。In an instanton the instant意思、用法相同,是固定搭配,表示“立即,马上”,其作用相当于副词。The instant则可相当于连词as soon as。例如:I sent you the news the instant(that)I heard it.(我一听到这消息,便立刻通知你了)。所以,A项更符合句意。

39. The manager lost his _______ just because his secretary was ten minutes late.

  A) mood         B) temper         C) mind         D) passion


   [答案及分析]:选择B。本题测试点是近义名词的用法。mood意为“心境,情绪;语气”。mind表示“头脑,精神;理智,智能;想法,意见,心情”。passion意为“热情,激情;爱好;激怒,大怒”。temper意为“情绪,脾气”,lose one's temper是习惯用法,意为“发怒,发脾气”。

40. Great as Newton was, many of his ideas _______ today and are being modified by the work of scientists of our time.

  A) are to challenge          B) may by challenged

  C) have been challenged      D) are challenging


   [答案及分析]:选择C。现在完成时可和“此时”的时间状语一道,表明“此时”未完成前的动作。例如:I have met many people this morning(or this summer).(说这话时仍然是早晨或夏天,如果说I met many people this morningor this summer]。则表示此刻已不是早晨或夏天)。又如:His sister has written the letter today.(The letter is to be written today and she has written it.)另外,challenge意为“向……挑战;提出异议;质问”,显然谓语和主语是被动关系。综上所述,可见只有C项正确。

41. Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you ______ the new carpet.

  A) crash       B) pollute      C) spot         D) stain


   [答案及分析]:选择Dcrash意为“摔坏,坠毁”。pollute意为“污染,沾污”。spot表示“沾污,弄脏”。stain常用来表示“(指液体,其他物质)改变……的颜色;染污,沾污”。tablecloth stained with grary(沾有肉汁的桌布)

42. I'd rather read than watch television; the programs seem ______ all the time.

  A) to get worse  B) to be getting worse     C) to have got worse   D)getting worse



43. Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are ______ in grocery stores.

  A) ready         B) approachable     C) probable     D) available


   [答案及分析]:选择Dready意为“准备好的,现成的;乐意的,情愿的”。approachable意为“(指人)可亲近的;(指地方)可到达的”。probable表示“可能发生或证实的,或然的,大概的”。available表示“(指物)可用的;有效的;可获得的”,如:The book your ordered is not available(你订购的那本书没有货)D项与句意吻合。

44. When I caught him _______ I stopped buying things there and started dealing with another shop.

  A) cheating      B) cheat        C) to cheat      D) to be cheating


   [答案及分析]:选择Acatch sb.后通常跟分词短语作宾补。

45. It is important that enough money ________ to fund the project.

  A) be collected   B) must be collected    C) was collected  D) can be collected



46. Some old people don't like pop songs because they can't ______ so much noise.

  A) resist         B) sustain      C) tolerate     D) undergo


   [答案及分析]:选择C。本题测试的是动词的用法。resist意为“抵抗,对抗,用武力阻止……之前进”。sustain意为“支撑;承住,承受得起;(使能)维持,支持,遭受,蒙受”。undergo表示“经验,经历,遭受”。tolerate表示“容许,容忍,忍受”。如:How can you tolerate that pompous idiot?(你怎么能容忍那个自大的糊涂虫呢?)C项与句意最为吻合。

47. If only the committee ______ the regulations and put them into effect as soon as possible.

  A) approve        B) will approve      C) can approve   D) would approve


   [答案及分析]:选择Dif only是个复合从属连词,引导条件状语从句,相当于as long as。在现代英语里,它可以独立使用,用来表示强烈的愿望或遗憾相当于I wish that…其谓语多用虚拟语气。例如:If only Mrs.Hening would marry me!(何宁小姐若是能嫁给我就好了!)

48. ________ one time, Manchester was the home of the most productive cotton mills in the world.

  A) On          B) By           C) At          D) Of


   [答案及分析]:选择Cat one time是固定搭配,意为“过去有一段时间”(during a period of past time,known but not mentioned)。例如:At one time I used to go mountain-climbing every summer(过去有一段时间我每年夏天去爬山)。另外,我们应能区别几个备选介词的用法:at 主要表示方向、场所、时间的某一点;by主要表示接近,时限;动作的执行者、方式;of主要表示部分和全体的关系、所有关系、来源和所用的材料;on表示在上面,根据或基础,有关及涉及的方面,表示某天(星期几或几月几日)

49. ________ it or not, his discovery has created a stir in scientific circles.

  A) Believe      B) To believe     C) Believing      D) Believed


   [答案及分析]:选择ABelieve it or not表示“信不信由我”,是一个习惯用法。

50. Mr.Morgan can be very sad _______, though in public he is extremely cheerful.

  A) by himself   B) in person      C) in private    D) as individual


[答案及分析]:选择Cin privatein public相对,意为“私下地;秘密地”,例如:We met in private(我们私下里进行了会面)by himself意为“孤独;单独;独立”。in person表示“亲身,亲自”。as individual可表示“作为个人”。根据句意选[C]合适。

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